Billy Sheehan

Holy Cow!

VICP-64525Catalogue number:
Victor EntertainmentLabel:
2008CD release date:
jewel caseFormat:
1Number of discs:
12Number of tracks:
  • Billy SheehanBass
    Lead vocals
  • Ray LuzierDrums
  • Billy F. GibbonsLead guitar (3)
  • Paul GilbertLead guitar (2)
  • Dug PinnickLead vocals (8)
  • Simone SelloLead guitar (9)
Produced by:
Simone Sello
Co-produced by:
Pat Regan
Executive producer:
Michael Faley
Billy Sheehan - Holy Cow!

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CD 1
1 In a Week Or Two 3:45
Billy Sheehan
2 Dynamic Exhilarator 4:41
Billy Sheehan
Paul Gilbert: guitar solo
3 A Lit'l Bit'l Do It To 'Ya Ev'ry Time 3:11
Billy Sheehan
Billy F. Gibbons: guitar solo
4 A Bloadless Casualty 5:52
Billy Sheehan
5 Make It To Another Day 5:48
Billy Sheehan
6 Another Broken Promise 3:15
Billy Sheehan
7 Just Another Humanoid 3:57
Billy Sheehan
8 Turning Point 7:38
Billy Sheehan
Dug Pinnick: lead vocals
9 Two People Can Keep A Secret (If One Of Them Is Dead) 3:20
Billy Sheehan
Simone Sello: guitar solo
10 Theme From An Imaginary Sci Fi 3:58
Billy Sheehan
11 Cell Towers 3:54
Billy Sheehan
12 Swimming Under Water 5:25
Billy Sheehan
bonus track
Total length 54:44
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