This website contains my collection of CD’s published by Billy Sheehan, the famous American bass-player.
It deals with a private collection whose titles are not for sale.

I began admiring and listening to this innovative musician 20 years ago (I’m talking about a period when the Sheehan’s first band was Talas, even before he joined David Lee Roth band). My interest has increased when Billy Sheehan formed Mr. Big.
My passion for record collecting induced me to look for and to buy as much as possible the Sheehan's great discography even the little collaborations. I’ve often bought many different CD editions and versions, in order to have a bonus track or a special gadget.
Just to share with others my passion, I decided to realize this website as a web guide, even if incomplete, about this musical talent.

The purpose of this site is to became a reference point for fans, collectors or for the ones who appreciate this unique artist. It is also a personal database that I consult easily in case of new purchases, since my CD's are currently scattered across my flat and sometimes it is difficult to find them.
All these titles in this site are my personal copies and they are not on sale.
But sometimes it happens to buy again a CD that I already own.
Because of that, I have created the section "market" where I sell or exchange the available titles, if there are any.
It is also possible that other sections will be added (dvd, the guests' book, etc.) in the future.

Hoping that this site is to your liking I thank you for your visit and I wish you all the best.

Currently shown items: 122
Check this out! Derek Sherinian Black Utopia
Derek Sherinian - Black Utopia
InsideOut Music 2003 Germany (random selection)
25 Shunen Kinen Official Archive Box / MR.BIG
25 Shunen Kinen Official Archive Box [18CD+2DVD / Limited Release]

The Winery Dogs - Unleashed In Japan 2013 / The Winery Dogs
The Winery Dogs - Unleashed In Japan 2013
The Winery Dogs